So after a couple of lazy days in Horice (Czech Republic) and a visit to the Wepol Racing factory it was time to head for Frohburg (Germany) for the final round of the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC). Danny Webb has already managed to wrap up the Championship but if he can manage another win here then he can also end the season with a nice little bonus courtesy of BMW for being the top factory rider of the year.

Before we left the Czech Republic however it was time to stack up on supplies for the weekend. Things are a lot cheaper on this side of the border so the orders form the German based mechanics where in…cigarettes and alcohol being the preferred contraband of choice.

The best laid plans however again turned to crap as before we managed to cross the border the highway was closed due to an accident and our Czech ‘tour de country’ was in full swing. The Trip to Frohburg was supposed to take 3 and a half hours…we made it in 5hrs 27mins after pushing the Skoda Octavia to 215km on the Autobahn, finally arriving only 30mins behind the trucks.