The drivers have been getting hyped for this weekend’s inaugural Miami Grand Prix, and those including Lando Norris, Max Verstappen, Zhou Guanyu and Fernando Alonso have brought some outstanding and outlandish helmet designs to the 305.

Lando Norris

This one’s a real slam dunk. Norris will don a basketball-styled helmet for the Miami Grand Prix, hoping for nothing but net in the city where the Heat is on. We’re just a little bit concerned that it says “genuine leather” on the back. That seems impractical.

Zhou Guanyu

Alfa Romeo’s Zhou uses the number 24 in honour of Kobe Bryant, and while he’s not in LA, the Chinese racer has played into the basketball motif with a Bugs Bunny-esque character in what seems to be a nod to Space Jam.

Fernando Alonso

Alpine’s two-time champion has kept his pink, purple, blue and yellow paintscheme but morphed it into a Miami tribute. Think palm trees, beach huts, the sunset… or just look at the photographs below.

Max Verstappen

Neon pink meets Red Bull’s tried-and-tested logo in Verstappen’s Miami helmet. The lion stays on top while palm trees and the ocean enter โ€“ and there’s even a tiny seagull.

Mick Schumacher

Haas’s Schumacher has kept the dragon design favoured by his father, plus the stars on the dome of his helmet, but shaken up the colour scheme a la Miami.

“It’s the kind of colours that I’ve envinsioned for this year so I’m really really happy about how it turned outโ€ฆ a lean towards how the Miami Vice logo looks,” he says.

Valtteri Bottas

Bottas has pushed the boat out and gone for a trio of stunners for this weekend’s event. Palm trees, pastels, sunsets and the sea feature heavily in the designs created by partner Tiffany Cromwell.

Yuki Tsunoda

Tsunoda has switched up his design, including hues of blue around the existing AlphaTauri motif. Suits the striking show car in the background.

Perez has leant into the Miami Vice colour scheme and font with his special design, keeping the Mexican flag on the top but adding swathes of local flair.

Daniel Ricciardo

That’s a spicy โ€“ oh, wrong movie. Ricciardo has gone for a tribute to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, just replacing Jim Carrey with… himself, and including the Miami Dolphins logo too. Like a glove.

Alex Albon

Alex is still sporting his Red Bull wings!

Pierre Gasly

Bringing the Miami Gas

Max Verstappen

Adding some Miami Vice spice on the new lid